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Los Angeles Fire Suppression Systems

About Our Los Angeles Fire Suppression Systems


Fire protection service of Los AngelesWhat are “Fire Suppression Systems”?

In the USA Fire Suppression systems are governed by the codes under the NFPA. Fire Suppression Systems are commonly used on heavy power equipment. Suppression systems use a combination of dry chemicals and/or wet agents to suppress equipment fires. Suppression systems have become a necessity to several industries as they help control damage and loss to equipment. Common means of detection are through heat sensors, wiring, or manual detection (depending on system selection) Learn More

Why Our Suppression Systems?

Traditional fire suppression systems in Los Angeles primarily utilize water in order to extinguish a fire, often causing considerable collateral damage as a result. Clean “agent” fire suppression systems, like those offered by Firetrace, utilize agents that are electrically non-conductive and safe for use on electronic equipment.

For Commercial and Residential facilities (like restaurants) contain sensitive equipment, documents, computers, servers or communications hardware, this often means the fire suppression system creates more damage than the fire itself, incurring massive costs and irreparable damage.

Additionally, Fire Protection Services Los Angeles “clean agents” are very fast acting, effective at controlling and extinguishing fires before they take hold and are environmentally friendly. They also require no cleanup, further reducing downtime and lost productivity.

Our Fire Suppression Services are backed by the best experts in the industry. Please feel fee to contact for a FREE Estimate is at 949.878.7692.


Our Fire Suppression Services in Detail

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Fire Suppression Systems
Fire suppression system inspection
Restaurant fire system inspection
Kitchen fire system
Fire Suppression System
Fire suppression services
Automatic fire suppression system
Kitchen Fire Suppression System
Halon Fire Suppression
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Fm 200 fire suppression system
Fm200 fire suppression
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Ansul fire suppression
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Restaurant fire suppression system

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