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About Fire Protection Services in San Diego

Fire Protection Service and Fire Alarm Installation Los Angeles CA

Los Angeles CA Fire Protection Service and Fire Alarm Installation

Fire Protection Service in San Diego California home base resides in Southern California and has been providing commercial and residential alarm and sprinkler fire protection services entirely throughout the state, for over 30 years. There is not an area in California we do not provide service; technicians travel as far south as the Mexican border to the northern edges of Oregon!

Our Fire Protection Service proudly offers service in Orange County, Riverside, Ventura County, San Bernardino,  San Diego, Los Angeles and Imperial Valley. Our  grass roots began in the mid 1970’s with a small group of men, but have grown and developed into a full service office staff and field team that is comprised of highly educated, trained, experienced and licensed individuals. Our protection service employees include installers, inspectors, service technicians, designers, engineers, and project managers, all of whom are guaranteed licensed, bonded and insured!

Fire Protection Service San Diego Exceeds Industry Standards

Fire Protection Service San Diego prides itself on the strictest adherence to California Sate Law and requires all of its employees to complete fire and related protection-field education programs, in order to remain current with the State’s Codes and Regulations. We pay it forward so that our customer’s, likewise, are knowledgeable and informed to the State’s standards. Quality product, coupled with full range services provided at fair market rates have, and will continue to exceed customer satisfaction!

Fire Protection Service : 24/7 , 365 Days a Year

Fire Protection Service San Diego is available 7 days a week, 24-hours a
day, in order to meet the growing needs of all customers, so that any
job or emergency is handled quickly, efficiently and safely. Our company
offers a wide variety of services including, but not limited to the
following: Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Suppression Systems, Fire Sprinkler
Systems, and any Motion/Monitoring Detection Systems available. Because
of the broad range of services provided, our company ensures huge
savings in both time and cost, and consistency throughout the fire
network system.

We look forward to providing protection services, whether that is in
your home or at your place of business. Let Fire Protection Service San

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