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Fire Extinguisher Recharge San Diego

Fire Protection Service of San Diego the leading provider of fire extinguisher safety inspection, refill and annual recharge services. Our Fire Extinguisher Technicians can provide service and repair for fire equipment which typically includes portable and semi-portable fire extinguishers, lifesaving equipment, fire and gas detection systems, foam systems, dry chemical systems, gaseous suppression systems and water based fire protection systems.

Fire Extinguisher Recharge San Diego Los Angeles Fire Extinguisher services San Diego. Orange County, Riverside , California

Fire Extinguisher Recharge San Diego

Our Fire Extinguisher Safety Technicians preform visual inspections and system functional tests of various fire extinguishers, systems and equipment for the purpose of reporting any deficiencies and corrective action recommendations to the customer.


We Provide…

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Fire Extinguisher Recharge

Fire Extinguisher Refill Services


What Type of Fire Extinguisher Do You Need?

Choosing a fire extinguisher is based on the types of fires the extinguisher will be expected to put out. Fire extinguishers are rated for certain types of fires. The rating for a fire extinguisher helps determine where in the home, office, or car it will be best utilized. Fire extinguishers ratings are:

Class A – Ordinary combustible solids like paper, wood, and plastic
Class B – Flammable or combustible liquid fires such as gasoline or kerosene
Class C – Energized electrical components
Specialized fire extinguishers are used in certain types of fires, class D extinguishers for combustible metals and class K extinguishers designed for use in commercial kitchens.
Extinguishing Agents

There are several substances that can be used in fire extinguishers, but the most common are water, dry chemical, carbon dioxide, or halon. Water is not safe to use on electrical components, except in special class K devices. Dry chemical extinguishers leave a residue that is detrimental to delicate electrical components like computers. Carbon dioxide (CO2) and halon extinguishers leave no residues behind. Most of the time, dry chemical is the best type of extinguisher for home use.

If you are unsure, need to recharge or have an inspection or your extinguisher, please feel free to call us today for a FREE estimate!

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